Here you will find knowledge and frequently asked questions. For more information, see the terms and conditions.


Beginner - Little to no experience

Intermediate - Can safely master blue or red tracks

Advanced - Safe on black routes as well as off the tracks

  • Duration

    • Our snowdays last between 9 am and 4 pm.
    • During this time period we are there for you: Training, getting ready and getting you equipped.
    • If you want to start earlier or stay until later we will charge a fee of 140 CHF per hour.
    • With our offer “organisation” we will help you and find the perfect program for you.
  • Meeting points

    • Meeting point will be previously discussed and set up.
    • Usually the valley station of the ski area or the hotel.
  • Pricing

    • Prices per course are appointed by prices per guide, netto in Swiss francs.
    • Max. amount of attendants with the same level of experience is 5. Snowshoe hiking or igloo building max. of 8 people.
    • We differentiate between day prices (9 am to 4 pm) and additional hours prior to 9 am or after 4 pm.
    • With the offer “organisation” we also require an hourly fee.
    • Changes in pricing are possible.
    • Depending on the program offered, costs for transportation, equipment, food, drinks and skipass are NOT included.
  • Rentalgear

    • We will gladly pick you up at the hotel and accompany you to try on and get your gear at the rental shop on the way to the skiing location.
    • If you need rental gear, please inform us so we can organize everything.
  • Food

    • We will usually eat at restaurant in the skiing region.
    • Coffee- and lunchbreaks will be taken as needed.
    • For skitouring we will bring food. Please inform us of any special diet requirements prior.
  • Requests

    • All requests are via the contact form on the webpage. We will then contact you via email or phone call. 
    • The earlier a request comes in, the easier for us to organize your experience. The more information we get from you - the more tailored the program.
    • Any request will be confirmed in a written format.
    • To help you focus on the experience we will also take care of arrangements with hotels for you. 
  • Payments

    • A course is paid and is handled as an approved and confirmed appointment after the payment is received.
    • The payment is required prior to the event.
    • The payment can be done with your hotel payment simultaneously.
  • Cancellation / Annulment

    • Cancellations must be made either in person, in writing (by email) or by telephone.
    • If the guest can no longer take part in an activity due to a delayed appearance or if the latter has to be canceled for this reason, the guest will be charged 100% of the booked total price. Any additional costs incurred by Mountbee GmbH as a result of the guest being delayed or cancelling will also be charged to the guest.
    • If the guest does not start an activity, no refund will be made. If course cards are not used, they will not be taken back or exchanged.
    • If the guest does not start or end an activity until after the beginning of the activity, he will not be entitled to reimbursement of the costs. Any additional costs caused by this shall be borne by the guest.
    • By non-timely payment Mountbee GmbH can refuse its services and terminate the contract.
    • If the guest suffers an accident or becomes ill, Mountbee GmbH reimburses him for the cost of the booked activity, but not related activity on presentation of a medical certificate.

    Further details in our terms and conditions.

  • Insurance

    • For accidents during lessons, guiding or touring, Mountbee GmbH disclaims all liability.
    • Insurance is the responsibility of each participant, cancellation insurance and reparation insurance are recommended.
  • Execution / weatherconditions

    • Activities take place in all conditions, except for weather-related cessation of operation of the mountain railways due to storm (force majeure).
    • We always strive to find another ski resort or another venue for you that meets our requirements in that case. 
  • Snow sports day

    • We will gladly pick you up at the hotel and accompany you during the fitting, pick-up of your rentalequipment.
    • The size for group is a maximum of 5 persons per guide / coach. When snowshoeing the maximum is 8 people.
    • If not all participants have the same snow sports level or children and adults are mixed in a group, we recommend an additional guide.
    • Outside of normal operating hours that are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, there will be an extra charge per hour (see offer organization).
    • Rental equipment for the building of igloos is included in the price of the offer. It's about the craft, how an igloo is cultivated. And teamwork! An experience we can participate in almost any weathercondition. 
    • Freeriding offers an advanced snow-sport technique and is a prerequisite to move off the slopes. We are happy to help you to get off the slopes in the fresh snow.
    • With the offer Ski-Touring a good snow sport technique is expected (advanced level). Since the snow conditions in the touring area change very quickly, a solid snow-sport technique is important. Of course, we will explain and show you various climbing techniques.
  • Language / Guide

    • We speak German and English.
    • Depending on the guide, other languages can also be spoken. However, this is optional and we can not promise if this will work.
    • We have a pool of guides and offer the most suitable guide for your winter sports adventure based on your wishes.
  • Location

    • We are based in Central Switzerland and native in this area.
    • We are happy to accompany you to the top spots all throughout Switzerland. Of course we also know these top spots.